Other Ceremonies.

I can also conduct for you Hanfasting Ceremonies:
Hanfasting is an ancient pagan ritual which is now gaining popularity again in the UK. traditionally it was a mark of betrothal rather than a marriage itself. The time before an actual marriage would have taken place was a year and a day Modern HandFasting ceremonies can be performed as a betrothal and understanding that the Vows and ceremony would last as long as love would last. For more information please in get contact.

Coming of Age Ceremonies: In many cultures the transition from childhood to adult hood is marked and celebrated. This has been lost in British Culture. In the UK the ages of 16, 18 and 21 are all seen as being significant. These ages bare relation to the changes in British Law concerning drinking, voting and marriage. A marking of a child’s transition to adulthood should carry meaning, responsibility and connection to community and society. If you feel this way and would like to provide this opportunity for your child or group of children or young adults and would like me to facilitate this, please contact using the form below:

If you would like more information or also have any ideas that you would like to discuss with me please get in contact and fill in the form below:

Renewal Of Vows

Married life, inevitably has its ups and downs. Walking a path together is never easy. People choose to confirm their love in a ceremony where they renew their vows. It can be a year after, on a specific anniversary after so many years or simply just because. As we grow older and wiser our ideas and what we can promise each other changes. We all change as we walk our path and it is wonderful to celebrate a path we choose to walk together. Whatever the reason, I can make this ceremony special and specific to you. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


Your wish is my command. What is important is that you are happy with your day. It is common for people to spend so much money on their wedding day. My wish is whatever the budget, you are happy with your day. I am here to help you realise your dreams. Please get in contact with your wishes. There is a form you can fill in below.

It is important to remember that the ceremony I will perform is a Civil and not a Legal ceremony and that you are still obliged to register your marriage.
It is not a requirement to be a practioner of the Lucumi faith to have me officiate your wedding ceremony.

Baby Naming. Blessings for your baby.

Not everyone wants to have a blessing or Christening in a Church. Some people however want to have the possibility of assigning ” Godparents” Or “supporting Adults” to their child. It is often the case, especially in urban, modern living that the emphasis is on the nuclear family and the idea that a whole village raises a child is foreign to many. I believe that community is necessary and that the ritual of assigning ” Godparents” or ” supporting adults” can be such a wonderful event. My daughter organised such an event for my granddaughter and it was conducted so beautifully by an interfaith priest and celebrant, that it was forever memorable and it is also wonderful for my granddaughter to know that in the future she can count on other adults in addition to her extended family. I can provide this service for you according to your beliefs and what you would like for your child and for your family. For Lucumi practitioners, a new child is a reminder of family, community and the miracle of life which is a huge blessing. We also are aware of raising of a human being in the best possible way according to his or her destiny. For us also, the birth of a new child is also a connection to our ancestors. I would love to bring all these elements into a wonderful and memorable occasion full of meaning and with the blessing of Oshun.

What is a Celebrant and what can I do for you?

As I was looking for images to describe what I do, I found that images of weddings, and the like were pretty much stereotypical. Images did not seem to vary. I chose the two peacocks as the cover photo, since peacocks are not only beautiful but they are associated with the Orisha (deity) Oshun. Oshun is the energy associated with the fresh waters. She is also the deity known as the Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon. She is associated with creativity and the arts.
When it came to designing this page, I also did not want to impose any visuals. I would like to encourage all those that come to seek my services to be as open and imaginative as they wish. You do not have to be constricted by what is expected. Anything goes. The world is YOUR oyster! I wish to help you orchestrate your special day. Help you write your vows, or give you ideas in writing your own. Your ceremony can be as lavish or as simple as you wish, as full on romantic or not! A civil wedding ceremony is not bound by law so you can choose to have your ceremony anywhere, although you must register your marriage which is a legal requirement.

Registrar V Celebrant:
Legally you are required to register your marriage, just as you have to register a birth or death.  The legal requirements usually take around five minutes. There are also options to hire a registrar to come out to a designated place which is licensed for the Registrar to marry you legally, however you don’t have the choice of where, how long or even when and you are restricted somewhat creatively. A ceremony by a Registrar is by nature a short one where there are restrictions of time. In addition if you choose to hire a registrar to come out to a designated venue, it can be very costly and you will  still  be restricted by time.
By choosing a Celebrant, you can get married wherever you want and your ceremony and vows in front of friends and family can be totally as your heart desires. The registration part, is a legal requirement and can be done before or after your ceremony and even on the same day if you wish.
Why me?:
These days there are many choices of celebrants. There are humanist celebrants, interfaith celebrants, all sorts of people conducting and specialising in all sorts of ceremonies. Everyone is different and will have their own style. What makes me different is that I am a priestess within a religion that many people world wide follow. If you are looking for someone who may represent a faith that is similar in nature to Lucumi or any other Orisha based tradition, then the wording, philosophy and perspective may suit you.
Bilingual. I also speak Spanish and am happy to conduct ceremonies in either or both languages!!
I also have been trained in the art of Baby Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows and a whole range of family based rituals and ceremonies. If you are interested, please get in touch!
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