Baby Naming. Blessings for your baby.

Not everyone wants to have a blessing or Christening in a Church. Some people however want to have the possibility of assigning ” Godparents” Or “supporting Adults” to their child. It is often the case, especially in urban, modern living that the emphasis is on the nuclear family and the idea that a whole village raises a child is foreign to many. I believe that community is necessary and that the ritual of assigning ” Godparents” or ” supporting adults” can be such a wonderful event. My daughter organised such an event for my granddaughter and it was conducted so beautifully by an interfaith priest and celebrant, that it was forever memorable and it is also wonderful for my granddaughter to know that in the future she can count on other adults in addition to her extended family. I can provide this service for you according to your beliefs and what you would like for your child and for your family. For Lucumi practitioners, a new child is a reminder of family, community and the miracle of life which is a huge blessing. We also are aware of raising of a human being in the best possible way according to his or her destiny. For us also, the birth of a new child is also a connection to our ancestors. I would love to bring all these elements into a wonderful and memorable occasion full of meaning and with the blessing of Oshun.

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