Humanitarian Aid to Cuba


Cuba is going through much hardship right now. Whatever people’s political opinions are, I think humanitarian aid transcends people’s individual perspectives about the situation. I have seen banners which say ” Cubans want liberty not handouts”. Try telling that to people that are lacking medicine and food. I am posting links to how you may want to help if you are based in the UK.


you can access this group which has a network ready to send and distribute medicines, syringes and food .https://www.facebook.com/groups/206275691416728

Kerry Ribchester who has an ongoing relationship with Cuba also has a group set up which distributes to specific areas and people.


Amanda Fenton who lives in Cuba and runs https://www.theboutiquecasa.com/. has compiled a brilliant PDF of ways to help. Please press the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FI-87Yomf4Q2g6V4w51ZW2sg6smGUWZn/view?usp=sharing

This is a Global initiative: https://ghpartners.org/syringes4cuba/. sending only Syringes to Cuba.

Three small tips for sending 1. food 2. telephone credit 3. takeaways and 4. money

  1. https://www.supermarket23.com/. Food to be delivered
  2. https://www.ding.com/. for phone and internet credit.
  3. https://www.alamesacuba.com/. This is great for a one off treat.
  4. https://casasantafecuba.com/send-to-cuba.html. you can make a transfer of money which takes about a week but it is secure.